Centre for Women's Research

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Research on Gender related Study for the National Police Commission

Key findings of the two studies were separately analysed and recommendations were made to improve the structures of the Sri Lankan police and its operations. Shortterm, short-term to mid-term and mid-term to long-term recommendations with suggested activities were given for both studies.

#Law and Policy

Exploring Research on Gender-Based Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Sri Lankan Workplace

A database on gender based discrimination and sexual harassment in employment covering education, free trade zones, migration, the informal sector including homebased workers, vocational training was developed. The data has been disaggregated by location, income, ethnicity and other variables as available.

#Work and employment

The Other Side of Formal Employment: Working Women Who Have Returned to Their Communities and Villages in Sri Lanka

This three-year study that concluded in 2017 was undertaken to assess the long-term outcomes and achievements of a cohort of women working in the formal sector.

#Political Participation

Civil Society Shadow Report

The report examined issues in the context of the rights based CEDAW Articles to ensure gender equality and non-discrimination and the need to monitor and assess conditions pertaining to human rights.

#Vocational Training

Mapping Disability and Women Service Providers in the Districts of Polonnaruwa, Ampara, Batticaloa and Trincomalee

The study found that both women and PwDs face significant barriers to entry into the tourism sector. On the supply side women are constrained by male biases, gender role stereotypes, family disapproval, and community prejudices, perceptions of working conditions, as well as their own negativities.

#Work and employment

Strengthening Gender Responsiveness of Employment Sector Policies and Programmes: A Focus on Women with Disabilities in Sri Lanka

The study found that gender-responsive budgeting is not practiced in Sri Lanka, except for the allocation of a minimum of 25% of funds for women under rural economic projects.


Research Study on Child Mothers

The study investigated the distribution of teenage mothers in the eight districts by ethnicity, religion, family background, and education level

#Capacity Development

National Monitoring and Review of the Sustainable Development and Development Justice

The review resulted in the preparation of the Sri Lanka People’s Justice Report focusing on the actions that had been taken in the three years since the global compact was endorsed.


Review of the National Labour Migration Policy for Sri Lanka 2008

The seven-month study conducted extensive consultations with a range of stakeholders that included male and female perspective, on-site, and returned migrant workers and their families, key state officials at divisional, district, and national levels in high migration districts, the two-state agencies tasked with managing the migration process, officials of the recruitment industry, and civil society and community members.

#Law and Policy

Cyber Crimes and Violence Against Adolescent Girls and Women

To set the study in context, the current laws and the administrative framework relating to cyber-crimes, and their efficacy in dealing with cyber-crimes against women and adolescent girls were also reviewed.



The study reviewed the 12 critical areas of the BPFA covering the period 1995-2014. It was intended to be a national input into the Beijing+20 Review that was held in 2015.