An action research project was implemented in the Millaniya Divisional Secretariat Division of the Kaluthara district to assess the impact of the use of mobile phones on the enterprises of a group of rural micro entrepreneurs and their empowerment. The interventions, based on the findings of a needs assessment through a baseline survey, focus group discussions, participant and direct observations included training on the use of mobile phone applications, the Dialog Tradenet, and micro enterprise management.

The enterprises of the group of women that participated in the project were typical informal sector activities that enabled them to contribute to family welfare either as main income earners or as supplementary income earners. Their market was mainly proximate. Sourcing supplies from outside Millaniya entailed high transaction costs primarily due to information asymmetry. The interventions were aimed at minimizing

some of the vulnerabilities by providing access to information and markets through training on the use of mobile phone applications and the Tradenet.

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