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  • The large wall clock takes pride of place in their humble home. This is a ‘luxury’ that the Liyanapathirana family, eking out a hand-tomouth existence, had not been able to afford for their home for a long while. Within the single long room, sans a hall or bedrooms, but demarcated into three dark and dingy […]

  • An action research project was implemented in the Millaniya Divisional Secretariat Division of the Kaluthara district to assess the impact of the use of mobile phones on the enterprises of a group of rural micro entrepreneurs and their empowerment. The interventions, based on the findings of a needs assessment through a baseline survey, focus group discussions, participant and direct […]

  • While girls have equal access with boys to education they are disadvantaged in access to employment while the unemployment rates of female secondary school leavers are almost double those of male school leavers. The majority of these students are in disadvantaged rural locations, and others are in low income urban neighbourhoods, plantations and in areas […]

  • The National Convention on Women’s Studies held every two years since 1989 has provided a forum to researchers to disseminate their research finding to a wider audience. Commencing with a half day programme, the interest shown by researchers and stakeholders, the convention is now held over four days. Over the years the research areas have […]

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