A report on the analysis of research performance through a gender lens across 20 years, 27 geographies, and 27 subject areas prepared by Elsevier  

Key findings of the study are: the proportion of women among researchers and inventors is increasing in all twelve comparator counties and researchers over time:  Women publish fewer research papers on average than men, but there is no evidence that this affects how their papers are cited or downloaded. Women are less likely than men to collaborate internationally on research papers.  Women are slightly less likely than men to collaborate across the academic and corporate sectors on research papers. In general, women’s scholarly output includes a slightly larger proportion of highly interdisciplinary research than men’s. Among researchers, women are generally less internationally mobile than men. Gender research is growing in terms of size and complexity, with new topics emerging over time. The former dominance of the United States in gender research has declined as research activity in the European Union has risen.